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  1. General Wellness
  2. Fertility
  3. Cancer

General Wellness

Wellness is much more than the absence of illness. It's a state of optimal well being that requires taking action. The primary pillars of wellness include proper nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and sleep. Acting in unison, these pillars build the foundation for your physical, mental, and social health. Promoting wellness means living your best possible life.

At Eu Zein, we give you the tools to achieve holistic wellness. These tools include nutritional intervention, supplements and lifestyle modifications.

We firmly believe that nutrition is information to your cells. Nutrients are the literal building blocks of your cells, thus making them the foundation of your health.

We work diligently to fully understand each person and their unique health needs. No matter what concerns you have, our personalized treatments strive to rejuvenate your overall health.

We want you to live a life full of zest, where you're able to enjoy every precious moment. We envision a better future for our patients by helping them feel their very best.

Treatments may include:

  • Nutritional Intervention

    Consuming the right food keeps your body and mind healthy. We guide patients with changing their diet and developing smart habits to reduce risks related to chronic illness.

  • Supplements

    Sometimes, wellness goals are hard to meet with dietary changes alone. That's why we provide the appropriate supplements to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs.

  • Acupuncture

    This non-invasive procedure has effectively treated a wide range of ailments for centuries. We use acupuncture to reduce pain and stress, enhance mood, and balance hormones.

  • Case History Review

    Your case history tells us an important story. To address the root causes of your health concerns, we'll thoroughly review your medical records and dig deeper for answers.


Our team will guide you through every stage of pregnancy, from getting pregnant to giving birth. Whether you're facing difficulties with conceiving, want to improve IVF outcomes, or worry about preconception care, we're here for you. Our integrative treatments offer solutions for a wide range of concerns.

We focus on empowering our clients through education. Nutrition is vital to expectant mothers, so you'll be taught new skills like what food to buy, when to go organic, and how to decrease the environmental and chemical burden on your body and in your home. You'll also learn to make sustainable lifestyle changes linked to better pregnancy outcomes.

We stay by your side for the entire pregnancy, assisting you with any discomfort. Our top priority is to help you deliver a happy, healthy baby using customized plans for nutrition, exercise, and holistic treatments.

Treatments may include:

  • Nutritional Intervention

    Good nutrition is essential to you and your baby. We use different nutrition protocols at each stage of pregnancy to fully nourish your body and mind. We also encourage exercise and meditation.

  • Supplements

    Sometimes, fertility goals are hard to meet with dietary changes alone. That's why we provide the appropriate supplements to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs.

  • Acupuncture

    By targeting specific points on the body, we're able to stimulate the body's natural systems. Acupuncture (and acupressure) have been shown to increase pregnancy rates for IVF, regulate menstrual cycles, decrease nausea, and more.

  • Botanical Supplements

    Derived from plants, botanical or herbal treatments can improve male and female fertility, normalize ovulation cycles, and lead to better pregnancy-related results.


We want anyone battling cancer right now to know they're never alone. Our goal is to support your physical, mental, and spiritual well being with lasting changes that positively influence your health. We consider your specific tumor type and stage of diagnosis to suggest supplemental treatments that work together with your standard medical care.

Alongside comprehensive nutrition plans that energize your body and mind, we help you take action in other areas of your life. Following the Harvard Medical School Program in Mind Body Medicine, we teach meditation and techniques for managing stress and anxiety.

Integrative treatments can alleviate many side effects associated with medication or chemotherapy, like sleep quality, fatique, pain, and nausea. Our methods are designed to improve your quality of life and give you more control over your recovery.

Treatments may include:

  • Nutritional Intervention

    We create detailed nutrition and menu plans based on where you are in your cancer treatment. Eating well will help you maintain blood cell and platelet counts, get more energy from each meal, and minimize the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation.

  • Supplements

    We carefully select the most effective supplements for your needs. While we don't recommend taking supplements during chemotherapy, we make safe suggestions that won't cause interactions with your current health regimen.

  • Acupuncture

    A traditional treatment that's stood the test of time, acupuncture is a gentle but effective option for cancer patients. Research shows that it reduces pain, fatigue, nausea and feelings of anxiety, while improving digestion.

  • Botanical Supplements

    We pair powerful herbal remedies with conventional treatment to provide anti-cancer effects and therapeutic benefits.

You and your health are unique.
Your care should be, too.

Our expertise lies in knowing what the best complementary treatment for your specific health situation is.

With our extensive experience and research-backed strategies, we confidently craft recommendations for your health. We know how to blend your existing treatments with integrated support and supportive care in a safe, effective manner.

We're honored to guide you in making sustainable life changes that boost your holistic well being.

About Your Naturopath

Fotini Konstantinou,

Fotini (Tina) Konstantinou is a Naturopath-Clinical Biologist and Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncologists (FABNO). Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Fotini was always fascinated by Greece and eventually relocated to Athens. Since 2003, she has been working in integrated medicine using nutrition, herbal/botanical supplements, and acupuncture.

In 2008, Fotini earned her FABNO certification, making her one of only 13 Canadian naturopathic doctors specializing in oncology at that time. She worked in an integrated medicine clinic alongside four family doctors and a surgeon. Previously having practiced family medicine for five years, Fotini adeptly manages health concerns like autoimmune diseases (Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, Rheumatoid arthritis), lupus, multiple sclerosis, eczema, and other common conditions.

Fotini frequently gives lectures to the medical community about alternative health care. She's committed to educating and empowering her patients, prioritizing an empathetic, holistic approach to treatment. In her free time, Fotini enjoys sailing, swimming, and volunteering for environmental and human rights.

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